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Jazzed in Jackson

We were looking for a place close to downtown for the last two days for our extended trip and met Clint on the slopes; what a great chance meeting!  The Huff House is well appointed, clean, comfortable and the staff are incredibly accommodative. Kristi and Clint were the consummate hosts!  Breakfasts are both delicious and huge! You won’t go hungry!  Only a couple blocks from the square.  You will enjoy your stay at The Huff House.

March 2018

The historic Huff House was built in 1917 by Dr. Charles Huff. As a young 24-year-old doctor from Baltimore, Dr. Huff, MD accepted an invitation from the Episcopal Bishop of Wyoming to practice medicine in the small town of Jackson. For almost 25 years, he was the only doctor in the community, and in fact, the only doctor in a 100-mile radius! He was available for his beloved community, day and night, and would use whatever means necessary to get to his patients including: horseback, skis, snowshoes, sleigh, or by foot.

Not only was he the only local doctor, but he also was the Mayor of Jackson from 1930 – 1937. He was responsible for putting in the first water and sewer system and was one of the initiators of the public library. Dr. Huff was a true leader in the community and held many titles, including the head of the school board, county coroner, head of the Red Cross drive, chair of the County Civil Works Admin, chair of the National Recovery Admin, and he even held office in the local church!!

His love for the community and people was unlimited and showed in every aspect of his life. He even answered every letter written by the children to Santa Claus!!

In 1928, with the help of his wife Edna (a nurse), they moved out of the house and used it as a hospital. What is now the “Grand Teton” room was used for surgeries, and afterward, the patient was carried upstairs to recover. The house was the largest and finest home in the valley for a long time. Dr. Huff and Edna started St. John’s Hospital, which is still in use today.

They had three children together, Gretchen, Charles, Jr. (who also became a doctor), and Katharine (who died in the late 1930’s). Both Gretchen and Charles have visited the Huff House since the remodel. They were very pleased with the accuracy of our “history hallway” and shared some interesting stories with us! Dr. Huff died in 1937 from complications of Strep throat.

He left an amazing legacy and will be forever remembered in Jackson!

Spring Break Getaway

We took a spontaneous weekend trip to Jackson and couldn’t have been happier with our stay at the Huff House. The Huff House looks like it was recently renovated and was clean and comfortable. It holds its 100-year-old charm but doesn’t make you feel like you are staying in an antique. The staff was very helpful and gave us some great restaurant recommendations. The location is only a short walk from everything you need in Jackson and we only drove someplace when we left town sightseeing. I could definitely see us being repeat customers.

May 2018

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